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Sybase PowerDesigner 16.6

Visualize the impact of changes before they are applied
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Structurize, map and manage complex information architectures, analyse and visualize the possible impact of to be introduced technologies before they are implemented.

Power Designer is an enterprise modeling tool built to work in Microsoft Windows, and runs under Eclipse through a plug-in. This program enables corporations to easily visualize, analyze and manipulate data for efficient enterprise information structural design.

This tool will aid the representation of the structure, relationships, activities, processes, information, resources, people, behavior, goals, and constraints of a business or enterprise.

Power Designer has integrated support for:
- Business Process Modeling supporting Business Process Modeling Notation
- Code generation for Java, C#, VB, .NET, EJB3, JSF, WinForm, and others.
- Data Warehouse Modeling
- Eclipse plug-in
- Object modeling (UML 2.0 diagrams)
- Report generation
- XML Modeling supporting XML Schema and DTD standards
- Visual Studio 2005 add-in

Additionally it works with more than 60 relational database management systems; and it also provides an excellent approach for aligning business and IT, facilitating the implementation of effective information.

Power Designer is highly customizable to impose standards and compliance in your company.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Compatible with xml and uml
  • Compatible with most programming languages
  • Standardizes business processes


  • Only for windows platforms
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